There is so much negativity in the world and many people have forgotten how to be positive.  Positive Word Packs are to help you express positive words with family friends and people that you meet.

There are different packs aimed at relationships, children, bullying, business owners and even Random Acts of Kindness packs.

What to do with your Positive Words Packs

  1. A4 Poster is ideal for the back of the toilet door, where you can read it on a regular basis (includes Blutack)
  2. A5 Cards can be put on the refrigerator (includes Magnet)
  3. Wallet Words are cards that can go in lunch boxes/phones/wallets/briefcase as a pick me up or to encourage someone


Pack One

Frogs Couples I’m Sorry Pack

Pack Two

Frogs Couples I Love You Pack

Pack Three

Frogs Couples I Love You Pack

Pack Four

Dragons Couples I’m Sorry Pack

Pack Five

Cats Couples I’m Sorry Pack


Pack Six

Cats Family Pack

Pack Seven

Dogs Family Pack

Pack Eight

No Bullying Pack

Life Packs

Pack Nine

Business Rules Pack

(Self Talk)

Pack Ten

Random Acts of Kindness Pack